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USAEE Mentoring Program

The Mentorship Process and Instructions

For a Prospective Mentor

Mentors may be:

  • Early career professionals (less than 5 years in work)
  • Mid career (5 plus year work experience)
  • Senior faculty

  1. Located under the Mentorship button, navigate to the submenu labeled, “Become a Mentor” or click here.
  2. Check the box labeled, “Add me to USAEE Mentors.”
  3. Provide answers to the questions for mentors. You may revise and update your answers whenever appropriate.

  • If you are selected as a Mentor for a Mentee, the program Administrator will contact you to ensure your availability – especially if you are already serving as a Mentor.

  • If you agree, the Administrator will send an email to you and the Mentee, making a mutual introduction. It will then be up to the Mentee to contact you. At that point, all follow-up and sessions are strictly between you and your Mentee.

  • Whenever you and your Mentee agree that your services are no longer needed, please contact the Administrator and let him know that you are no longer helping this Mentee.

  • If and when you decide to leave the Mentoring Program, please inform the Administrator; but you are responsible for de-listing your name and bio from the website. Click this link and un-check that you want to be a Mentor.

For a Prospective Mentee

Mentees may be:

  • Anyone with an interest in expanding their knowledge and/or professional growth.

  1. From any Mentor page, use the sidebar to navigate to the submenu labeled, “Become a Mentee” or click here.

  2. Answer the questions so that the Mentorship staff will have a good understanding of appropriate Mentor matches for you.

  3. After filling out the form, please click “Request Assignment to an USAEE Mentor.” Your request will then be sent to the Administrator.
  • The Administrator will contact you – hopefully within just a few days – with the name of your Mentor. If this name is not one of your choices, it is because your choices were not able to accommodate you at this particular time.

  • The Administrator will also send you and your Mentor an email, making a mutual introduction. It will then be up to you, as the Mentee, to get in touch with the Mentor, and determine how you want to make your initial contact.

Questions? Use this link to email the Mentor Program Administrator