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USAEE Keynote Announcement: Daniel J. Rice IV, Chief Executive Officer at Rice Acquisition Corp II

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Tuesday Keynote Speaker Just Announced!

Join us on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 10 AM EDT for Natural Gas, SPACs, and the Energy Transition: a Conversation with Daniel J. Rice IV on the 38th Annual USAEE/IAEE North American Conference stage.  Our 2021 virtual conference takes place everywhere, from your browser, to keep the energy economics dialogue and debate alive, across North America and the world. 

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Daniel J. Rice IV

Daniel J. Rice IV

Chief Executive Officer
Rice Acquisition Corp II

The business landscape for U.S. energy is changing as energy markets are shifting at a rapid pace. Governments and companies are responding with new and innovative strategies to address the challenge of the energy transition and to deliver new solutions to the complex intersection of technology innovation, capital investment cycles, and public policy. Tufts University research professor Amy Myers Jaffe will moderate this important armchair dialogue with industry innovator Daniel J. Rice, IV, a founder of Rice Acquisition Corp., which purchased Archaea Energy LLC and Aria Energy last spring. Rice will discuss his investment journey and latest pivot to consider how to achieve profits in the energy sector including newly emerging opportunities in carbon sequestration and production of hydrogen and other low carbon alternatives.  

Register now for Navigating Energy Transitions: Economic, Social, Technical and Policy Challenges, the 38th Annual USAEE/IAEE North American Virtual Conference. This annual event provides a forum for informed and collegial discussion of how energy economics is contributing to the current and future thinking of businesses, consumers, technology developers, and public policy institutions in North America and around the world as they drive towards the future world of energy.

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