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Energy News: Today's Headlines
Energy News


The Grand River Dam Authority power generation plant has been touted as the most energy efficient electric generator in the world. USAEE delegates had the opportunity to tour this facility during last year's conference.
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LNG News
China expected to spare LNG imports from tariffs (Read More)
Panama joins ranks of LNG importers, trade hub for Central America (Read More)
ExxonMobil Papua New Guinea LNG export plant offers cargo for July: sources (Read More)
LNG is Spared in US-China Tariff Dispute (Read More)
BHP offers August loading LNG cargo from Australia export plant - sources (Read More)
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Oil News
OPEC meeting likely to end with no agreement on oil output, Iran minister says (Read More)
Russia and Saudis push for big oil output hike at OPEC meeting despite opposition (Read More)
Oil Industry Tries to Take the Fracking Boom Global (Read More)
Oil Falls as US-China Dispute Threatens Trade (Read More)
CEO of US oil and gas play Carrizo flags an unusual problem for drillers: Water (Read More)
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Gas News
Natural Gas - The Perfect Set-Up Is Waning (Read More)
California to Expand Aliso Storage Gas Withdrawal, Dig into Pipe Outages (Read More)
Natural gas plant liquids production nearly doubles since 2010 (Read More)
CEO of US oil and gas play Carrizo flags an unusual problem for drillers: Water (Read More)
Higher gas prices hurt, but not as much as they used to. Here's why (Read More)
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Electricity News
Burning Wood for Electricity: Destructive and Unnecessary (Read More)
Renewables to generate half of worldwide electricity by 2050: report (Read More)
Electricity meter 'fiddle' lands man in court for alleged R180-million fraud (Read More)
Coal Import Restrictions Eased as Summer Electricity Demand Boosts Prices (Read More)
Powered by Life: UVA Electrician Apprentice Recalls Childhood With No Electricity (Read More)
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Energy Policy News
Tony Abbott says division, not energy policy debate, will sink Libs (Read More)
Tony Abbott steps up plan to undermine energy policy (Read More)
Coalition's guarantee is best hope for energy policy (Read More)
Fake Support for a Free Market In Energy (Read More)
Utility slams FERC in another plea for coal, nuclear help (Read More)
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