The coronavirus economic crisis triggered a collapse in the demand for oil. Eventually, the economy will recover-but what about oil demand? Although the scale of the events is unprecedented, it does not mean we have no precedent to help us think about the future of oil demand.

There are decades of history to learn from. London Economics International ("LEI") studied global oil supply and demand shocks since the energy crisis of the 1970s. LEI looked at 40-plus years of data to learn how demand responds after a crisis and focused on the changing oil-intensity of economic activity.

In this webinar, Marie Fagan will discuss how short-term crises have impacted long-term demand; she will present research by LEI on the impact of economic activity on oil demand, and how that has changed over time; and she will look at what the historical lessons and economic impacts mean for oil demand after the crisis.

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Robert L. Kleinberg is Senior Research Scholar at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy and Senior Fellow at the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy. His current interests include energy technology and economics, and environmental and regulatory issues associated with the oil and gas industry. (More Information)


Dr. Marie Fagan is the Chief Economist at London Economics International, LLC. Based in Boston, Dr. Fagan has conducted research and consulted in energy economics for over 30 years. (More Information)

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Event Date: June 29, 2020

Event Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM Eastern Time

Topic: Taking a Look Ahead: The Long-Term Impacts of a Crisis on Oil Demand

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Moderator: Robert L. Kleinberg

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